Status Update………Update


Lot’s of new details were released yesterday regarding Ross Lynch’s new film “Status Update”. The flick, which also stars Olivia Holt and Courtney Eaton is due to begin filming next month in Vancouver. Here’s the article from Variety:

In a pre-Cannes announcement, Offspring Entertainment and Brightlight Pictures have signed Disney Channel star Ross Lynch as the lead in the comedy “Status Update.”

Shooting will start in June in Vancouver. Voltage Pictures will launch sales at Cannes and handle international distribution rights while UTA Independent Film Group will handle domestic rights.

The film is being co-financed by Beijing-based financier DNA Pictures and its partner Heyi Capital, which are acquiring Chinese-language remake rights. “Status Update” marks the U.S. film debut for the Chinese companies.

Lynch, who starred in “Austin & Ally” and the “Teen Beach Movie” series, will appear in “Status Update” with Olivia Holt (“I Didn’t Do It”) and Courtney Eaton (“Mad Max: Fury Road”). Scott Speer (“Step Up Revolution”) will direct from a script written by Jason Filardi.

Filardi teamed with Offspring Entertainment on Zac Efron’s “17 Again.”

Offspring Entertainment partners Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot are producing along with Brightlight’s Shawn Williamson and Voltage’s Dominic Rustam. DNA’s Mason Xu and Fan Dong will executive produce alongside Brightlight’s Arielle Boisvert and Voltage’s Jonathan Deckter.

“Status Update” is the second film from Brightlight Pictures’ three-year, five-picture production and distribution deal with Voltage Pictures.

Lynch will star as a teenager who, after being uprooted by his parents’ separation and unable to fit into his new hometown, stumbles upon a magical app that causes his social media updates to come true. As he becomes a hero at his new high school, his newfound power abruptly unravels, sending him crashing back down to earth.

Offspring Entertainment and Brightlight Pictures are represented by UTA. Ross Lynch is represented by UTA, Principato Young, Savage Agency and Felker Toczek.


R5 Covers Prince at The Greek

For years, R5 has been covering “Let’s Go Crazy” at various tour stops. With the untimely death of their idol Prince, they have released their version of it from last year’s concert at the Greek Theater. Set to various tour pictures, and edited by the lovely Rydel, you can hear just how much Prince’s music influenced them. Here’s hoping they continue to cover this epic tune in the future.

Prince was and will always be a very big inspiration to us as a band. His lyrics, the melodies, the guitar solos, the groove, the vibe, the music – – such an insane amount of talent. I think Justin Timberlake said it best, “not a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of artist, more like ‘once in forever’. We have played this song on tour quite a bit and it always brings so much energy to the show. There is nothing quite like a Prince song, and “Let’s Go Crazy” has always been one of our favorites and we thought we’d share it with you all, in memory of one of our favorite artists, Prince.

Ross Lynch Talks Snowtime! With Tiger Beat

Tiger Beat recently had a chance to catch up with Ross Lynch about his new animated film Snowtime! Here is a look at their exclusive interview.




TB: How would you describe the plot of Snowtime!?
Ross: This movie is about a massive snowball fight that occurs between a bunch of kids that go to school together, and they’ve had a snow day. They build this very, very elaborate fort and, of course, there is a massive snowball fight that happens. But, it is all about friendship and it’s actually got a lot of emotional ties to it. It’s a really great animated movie coming out February 19th. And I actually have yet to see the final product, so I’m excited to see it!

TB: Did you have to audition for your role, or did they seek you out for the role of Piers?
Ross: The producer said, “Hey! Do you want to do this animated movie?” And I was like, “Heck yeah!” And then we did it. It was a good time.


TB: How many different voices did you have to try out for your character, Piers?
Ross: I think we tried out two or three. Once we landed on the one though, we were quite certain that was it. So yeah, the higher pitched voice, it makes me appear a bit younger. And then I had to match the animation, so the phrasing and the inflection on this character’s voice was already kind of pre-established.

TB: Can you describe what it was like in the studio?
Ross: It was interesting and a little different. I had to match the character on screen, rather than them recording my voice and then matching the cartoon to it. So it’s a bit of a process, but really fun. I think we made the character as good as he could be, honestly.

TB: What was the hardest part about transitioning from being on screen to being off screen for this movie?Ross: I think the biggest thing for animation, in anything actually, is confidence. I already kind of have that experience from singing so much in the studio. It’s very, very similar. You are in the same environment, the only difference is the TV in front of your face. So, from that aspect, I already kind of knew what I was doing. But for anyone who wants to get into animation, the trick is to really just go for it.

TB: So, we’re dying to know, did you ever roll out of bed in your PJs, and go to the studio wearing them?
Ross: No. I usually just wear jeans and some sort of top. I didn’t wear sweats, though I probably should have abused that for a bit.

Ross Lynch Nominated For 2016 Kids Choice Award

Nominees for the 2016 Kids Choice Awards were announced today, and for the 4th year in a row, Ross Lynch was nominated for Favorite Male TV Star-Kids Show. Costar Laura Marano, as well as the show Austin and Ally also garnered nominations. Can Ross make it 4 Blimps in a row? The Kids Choice Awards, hosted by Blake Shelton take place March 12th at 8pm EST.


Snowtime! To Be Honored By Canadian Screen Awards


The Hollywood Reporter announced today that the animated feature Snowtime! will be given the prestigious Golden Screen Award at the upcoming Canadian Screen Awards.

Shout! Factory will release the Canadian animated adventure film voiced by Sandra Oh and Ross Lynch stateside on Feb. 19.

The animated movie Snowtime!, voiced by Sandra Oh and Ross Lynch, will receive the Golden Screen Award at the upcoming Canadian Screen Awards for earning the biggest box office in 2015 for any homegrown film in the country, organizers said Tuesday.

Shout! Factory will release CarpeDiem Film & TV’s adventure film stateside on Feb. 19 after a U.S. premiere in Sundance. Snowtime! from directors Jean-Francois Pouliot and Francois Brisson earned $3.36 million at the Canadian box office last year.

In addition to Oh and Disney star Lynch, the cast includes Angela Gallupo (Being Human), Lucinda Davis (Winx Club), Sonja Ball (The Legend of Sarila) and Don Shepherd. Celine Dion and Simple Plan are featured on the soundtrack.

Snowtime! adapts the popular 1980s Canadian live-action film La guerre des tuques (The Dog Who Stopped the War) and features kids in a small town who engage in a massive snowball fight.

The 2016 Canadian Screen Awards, organized by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, are set to take place March 13 in Toronto and will air on the CBC network.

Ross Lynch To Appear On Girl Meets World

As part of Disney Channel’s Crossover Week, Ross Lynch and Laura Marano will be appearing on the October 2nd episode entitled “Girl Meets World of Terror

Also featured in Crossover Week is an appearance by K.C. Undercover’s Kamil McFadden and Trinitee Stokes on Austin and Ally  “Scary Spirits and Spooky Stories” airing October 4th.


Be sure to check us out for screen caps of both episodes!