Videos From Glitter Magazines Shoot With Rydel Lynch


Glitter Magazine recently invited Rydel Lynch to be part of their 10 Year Celebration issue, and was nice enough to post a behind the scenes video of her shoot.

In between shooting, Rydel also took the opportunity to answer questions from fans.

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Ross Lynch Talks Snowtime! With Tiger Beat

Tiger Beat recently had a chance to catch up with Ross Lynch about his new animated film Snowtime! Here is a look at their exclusive interview.




TB: How would you describe the plot of Snowtime!?
Ross: This movie is about a massive snowball fight that occurs between a bunch of kids that go to school together, and they’ve had a snow day. They build this very, very elaborate fort and, of course, there is a massive snowball fight that happens. But, it is all about friendship and it’s actually got a lot of emotional ties to it. It’s a really great animated movie coming out February 19th. And I actually have yet to see the final product, so I’m excited to see it!

TB: Did you have to audition for your role, or did they seek you out for the role of Piers?
Ross: The producer said, “Hey! Do you want to do this animated movie?” And I was like, “Heck yeah!” And then we did it. It was a good time.


TB: How many different voices did you have to try out for your character, Piers?
Ross: I think we tried out two or three. Once we landed on the one though, we were quite certain that was it. So yeah, the higher pitched voice, it makes me appear a bit younger. And then I had to match the animation, so the phrasing and the inflection on this character’s voice was already kind of pre-established.

TB: Can you describe what it was like in the studio?
Ross: It was interesting and a little different. I had to match the character on screen, rather than them recording my voice and then matching the cartoon to it. So it’s a bit of a process, but really fun. I think we made the character as good as he could be, honestly.

TB: What was the hardest part about transitioning from being on screen to being off screen for this movie?Ross: I think the biggest thing for animation, in anything actually, is confidence. I already kind of have that experience from singing so much in the studio. It’s very, very similar. You are in the same environment, the only difference is the TV in front of your face. So, from that aspect, I already kind of knew what I was doing. But for anyone who wants to get into animation, the trick is to really just go for it.

TB: So, we’re dying to know, did you ever roll out of bed in your PJs, and go to the studio wearing them?
Ross: No. I usually just wear jeans and some sort of top. I didn’t wear sweats, though I probably should have abused that for a bit.